LCM_Horse.500Bedeviled by an anxious, unctuous lawyer to track down a missing race horse, Luke Fitz finds his case spiraling into a sewer of murder, conflicting interests and the affections of  dangerous woman.  Each page of 'Horse Play' kicks up the action like a comer at Pimlico.


The Laughing Cow Media Icon is a a Painting by Joseph Eugene Ferris, MFA (2-18-43 to 1-30-04). Ferris, a native of Harvard, Illinois was an Abstract Expressionist of the Latter Day Beat Movement which took up residence in a decaying Pasadena Old Town, in the late 1960s.

Ferris was one of the unbending, bent intellectuals who led the cultural overthrow of staid, blue-haired, button-down Pasadena Society, associated with the Doo Dah Parade.

Ever impoverished in the life of an artist, Joe Ferris was often employed as a bartender, art teacher and undercover operative for various Private Investigators, including Fred Otash, Robert Brooks and Nils Grevillius.

Ferris once instructed a youthful Nils Grevillius “If you love anything enough, it will surrender every secret to you.”